Press Release

Restructure at Deepcore

Deepcore has, for a long time, not been an well-structured company. Now, with a new website and new projects on the way, it's time to change. This release outlines those changes.


As part of the new structure, Deepcore has a new executive structure. Without further ado, I'd like to congratulate DecDuck & quexeky on their promotions:

  • DecDuck has become the Director
  • quexeky has become the Operating Director


As an additional effect of the restructure, we have set up additional monitoring and observability for our software. That means that any future applications are likely to have some sort of telemetry. We like to keep this to a minimum (and don't mind if you chose to use an ad-blocker), so it only tracks errors in production applications.

New positions

As part of the restructure, Deepcore is looking into expanding. We are likely to hire and onboard a few new people to join us at Deepcore Development House.

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