Sentralise - Sentral, but better

Sentralise - Sentral, but better

We have all experienced the pains of the Sentral Student Portal, with its slow loading and lack of mobile support. In all honesty, it's clunky and looks horrible. Sentralise, my new website, helps with that.

Sentralise's main purpose is to streamline the Sentral Student Portal experience, as well as provide a whole host of new features. Sentralise uses modern design principles to provide a beautiful front end. This front-end is something called 'reactive', where the page doesn't have to refresh for you to change the page or complete a variety of different tasks. This makes for a much better experience, both on fast and slow internet connections. It also uses one of the most popular front-end design frameworks, called Tailwind UI, to make a simply beautiful website.

In addition to the beautiful website, the API that it uses is fast and responsive. While this does help the end user's experience with the site, it also provides an API (application programming interface). If you don't know what that means, it allows other applications to use Sentral data. This is useful because it will enable other people to provide their services that build off Sentralise.

However, Sentralise doesn't only replace Sentral. It also opens integration with other educational services, like Google Classroom and Education Perfect. In theory, Sentralise can find all the work you have, across every platform, and show it in a single place.

In addition, Sentralise also acts like a student hub that allows anyone to share and collaborate on homework and assignments. This enables tracking of homework that the teacher has forgotten to assign, sharing of textbooks and other resources, and connecting students to specialised studying chats.

If you're interested in Sentralise and want to check it out, you can find the project at the link below.

If you're interested in the development or would like to give some feedback, join the Discord at the link below.